Bcgeu Agreement

. The Medical Services Plan contains the basic health care details available for all British Columbia. See the latest letter from the #13 Commission (PDF, 1.43MB) The latest conditions agreed by the province and the B.C. Government and Service Employees` Union (BCGEU): a copy of the BCGEU benefit package – click here to register with D.A. Townley. You will find out about the subsidies available for prescription drugs and certain medical care in the provincial government`s Pharmacare program. . 16. Master and component contracts (PDF, 2.04 MB) MoveUP has been representing BCGEU support staff since 1996. The BCGEU is a diverse union representing approximately 60,000 people in B.C. They have a number of employees to manage the union`s affairs, including support and disintegrating.

. . . BC Public Service Collective Agreements: Etit Changes – What you need to know: Information Video This compressed information video provides a brief overview of the steps needed to implement the new language of working hours in the ETO component agreement. This video is only used for training purposes. ETO Hours of Work Joint Training Video BCGEU and BCPSA jointly developed training on new hours of work in the ETO component agreement and then provided this training to ETO employees across the province. This video is a recording of the Kamloops workout. It should only be considered for training purposes. General health information and advice can be found via BCHealthGuide. The latest terms agreed by Queen`s Printer and Unifor:.