Vicroads Club Permit Agreement

If your club-approved vehicle is modified, your club will also be able to list the modified vehicles that are voluntary and obtain an “M” license plate for the vehicle. Find out how your vehicle club can be part of our club licensing program and what you need to do. 3. Payment for logbook. Visit the club clearance fee for details on logbook fees. If the application is accepted, the club will receive a letter confirming the application that has been accepted and we will enter the club on the list of licensed vehicle clubs and associations. 2. A signature of the club secretary or the authorized person of the club whose licensee is a financial member must be provided by the legal declaration. If the licensee does not have proof and written confirmation of the vehicle in accordance with the required standards, VicRoads will suspend and cancel the authorization.

If you purchase a 45-day license but decide later that you want to use the vehicle more, you can get a second 45-day authorization within 12 months. If you change your club registration vehicle, you must ask your club to re-inspect the vehicle and issue you with a new authorization and standard declaration form for the club licence form. The new form must then be provided to VicRoads within 14 days of the change. This service is now available from your myVicroads account. Club license vehicles are displayed in the licensee`s myVicRoads account and renewal can be made via the online process. Organize your second authorization signed by an office of your club/vehicle association to declare that you are a current member of that particular club/club. Submit your second 45-day licence and pay the club registration fee: to help clubs control vehicles and determine if they are safe to use on the road, we have developed a vehicle safety inspection checklist [PDF 560 Kb]. No, the requirements for renewing a club licence remain the same. The extension must be signed by the licensee of the club and by an association office to confirm that the holder of the authorization is a current member of that club or association.

If a club licensee has died, the authorization may be given to his or her spouse or national partner. The national spouse/partner must be a member of an approved club. It is possible to use office organizations and accredited auditors [PDF 50kb]. If your vehicle has been modified and VicRoads has received a VASS certificate for modifications (either during the operation of the vehicle with a club licence or registered), you can apply for the M license plate by visiting a VicRoad Customer Service Centre with a new svehicle authorization form and the club registration vehicle standards statement [PDF 182 Kb] signed by the club`s safety manager. To update the residential, postal and/or Victorian address registered for club authorization, it is easier to notify VicRoads if you submit your authorization extension via your myVicRoads account. VicRoads must notify vicRoads of a club licence vehicle infringing the integrity of the club`s licensing system: clubs must immediately inform a member of any suspected safety issues or non-compliance with standards and/or change directives and require that these issues be resolved within 14 days. If the problems are not resolved by the member within this time, an authorized Club official must inform us in writing in a letter: the non-compliant and inappropriate use of a vehicle on a club licence could lead to the revocation of the club`s consent to participate in the club`s licensing program if the club does not take the necessary measures. Applicants can download the completed and signed renewal form (or the club renewal form and confirmation form) and make the payment.